Case Narrative

A Consenting Juveniles narrative is a first-hand account reporting the words of the research subject on his or her experience.

“Healed” (Lakeisha Sayer)

I wanted to feel what God feels.

Source:   A Testimony of My Experience
by Healed
Lord Our Righteousness Church, December 26, 2007

Lakeisha Sayer was raised in the Lord Our Righteousness (LOR) Church, a community of several dozen people in an enclave in rural New Mexico. When her parents withdrew from the church, Lakeisha stayed on and took the name Healed.

The LOR Church holds its leader, Wayne Bent, aka Michael, to be the messiah. In 2008, he was convicted on several charges of sexual conduct with teenage girls in the community. One of those girls was Healed. The arrest warrant says with respect to her that, “L.S. said she lay naked with Wayne Bent and they had lain skin to skin. L.S. said Mr. Bent had kissed her lips and they lay chest to chest.” Healed was 14 at this time and Bent (Michael) was 65.

This case may be more complicated than any other in this research because of the role religion played in Healed’s actions. At the bottom line, however, the case is the same as all the others. Whatever one might think of the LOR church and its beliefs, this is a youngster making a choice to be physically intimate with an older person, in this case, a great deal older.

About a year and a half after Healed’s laying naked with Michael and about six months before his arrest, the BBC aired a documentary critical of the LOR Church.1 Healed, who appeared in the film, posted a long essay in response on the church’s website, an excerpt from which is below. This makes this one of the few cases in this research in which we are hearing from the subject while she is still a juvenile.

Sex has sometimes been described by some people as a religious experience. In the sixth paragraph below, Healed talks about feeling the love of God and feeling communion with God from lying naked with Michael.

I would say that largely the reason the world thinks these things about us young people, is because naturally most young people would not want to be where we are or want what we want. The world cannot comprehend why a 16-year-old girl would ever desire to, and ask to, lie naked with a 66-year-old man, or desire an intimate relationship with him. But they don’t see Who I see. I see the Son of God disguised in a human body.

When I first asked Michael for intimacies, he was somewhat surprised, and did not know what to make of my request. He told me that he would not do that. Then he prayed about it and told Father that he would not do that. Father then left him, until he repented of saying that he would not be intimate. Michael has never been intimate with me, because Father did not instruct him to, but he was not to say that he wouldn’t be intimate.

The natural world cannot understand what this all symbolizes since it has no reference point, except its own perversions. They can’t understand that my greatest desire is to have God’s feelings and thoughts be my own feelings and thoughts. I’ve wanted to feel what God feels and think what He thinks. This is what intimacy with Michael means to me. So, all they can do is make up that it is because Michael has convinced me that that is what I should do. They think it is because Michael has brainwashed me into being intimate with Him. This is not true by any means.

There has been much talk about Michael and that he had sex with the seven virgins and that he molested us. I am the “youngest virgin,” and I testify that these things did not happen at all. God is my witness. Everything happened just as Michael said it did. Michael’s words are true and He does not lie. Michael DID NOT molest me, and my laying with him was not sexual in any way, either.

Michael healed me of my past experience of being molested, but the world wants to believe Michael was aroused and out for satisfaction. They want to believe that Michael is perverted, because if they believed that Michael is being honest and that He did not molest us, their lying world would be exposed. They don’t want to believe that it is the end of their world and they don’t want to be exposed, so they are so absolutely determined to believe that Michael is lying, and so it is absolutely impossible for us to convince them otherwise. This is how the world is, but Michael is not of the world. He NEVER asked me to lay naked with Him, and He never suggested it to me. Father put it upon my heart to ask Him and so I did, and as Michael stated, He let me because Father told him to.

When I laid naked with Michael, I saw a greater picture of Who God is, and He is so UNLIKE the earth. He is very tender and gentle with each soul, and His heart is full of pure love for them. He never hurts or molests anyone, but instead draws them into Himself. He is intensely interested in each soul, and His love draws them deeper into Himself. My experience with Michael gave me a personal knowing of my acceptance with God, that I so much needed.

I am in love with the Spirit of Michael Who dwells in Wayne’s body. I don’t see Wayne’s flesh; I see the Son of God, and my desire for an intimate connection with Michael is only a physical symbol of my desire for God to dwell IN me fully. I am IN LOVE with God. Father gave Michael to me as a Gift. One cannot see Father or touch Him, but He came to me in the flesh, in Wayne’s flesh, that I might see and touch Him. Michael gave His life up so that I might know my Heavenly Father, really. Michael sacrificed Himself and was willing to look like a pedophile so that I might be bonded inseparably to the Father in Heaven. Truly, the world cannot understand this, and I don’t expect them to, but those who have the Holy Spirit will understand it. It is not what Michael did, it is Who He is that makes the difference. He is Who He says that He is. I know by experience.

When Ms. Sayer was contacted for comment on the above passage, she responded:

I don’t particularly like talking about this subject anymore, especially since no one has ever really truly understood me, what I felt and what the experience was for me. I don’t know what I believe about it all exactly, but one thing I do know for a fact and that is that it was no earthly experience. It was of a divine nature, something that I will never experience in this world. I live a very different life than I used to, but one thing is for sure and that is whenever I go back in time and remember those moments with Michael, I miss them, and wish I could feel again what I felt then. Never for a second have I regretted any of those decisions I made at that time.

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1. The End of The World Cult
by Ben Anthony
Channel 4, UK, December 2007