Case Narrative

A Consenting Juveniles narrative is a first-hand account reporting the words of the research subject on his or her experience.

Translated from the original Dutch for SOL Research.

Gjalt van Ommen

He initiated me in the most loving way.

Source:   ’Niet elk intiem contact met een jongere is misbruik’
(Dutch: “Not every intimate contact with a youngster is abuse”)
by Gjalt van Ommen
Volkskrant (Netherlands), July 18, 2011

The following is excerpted from the translation of a letter to the editor of the Dutch daily newspaper, De Volkskrant, which was also reprinted on the same day on the paper’s Opinion page. De Volkskrant has confirmed that it does not print anonymous letters and verifies the identity of all writers of letters that it uses.

     Public protest outside the home of a leader of the Martijn Association
Photo published with this letter shows a public protest outside the home of a leader of the Martijn Association.

When I was fifteen, I had a relationship with a man of 35. It was I who wanted it. I even had to make quite an effort to convince my friend to dare to do something with me. I’m still grateful he initiated me in the most loving way.

I did it because I found it enjoyable and exiting.

As a 15-year-old homosexual boy, I didn’t know any peers like me. I had nowhere to go to explore my sexuality until I met P_____. Later, I told my parents everything and they understood. Sadly, P_____ died last year. We saw each other regularly until his death.

Nowadays, a similar voluntary contact between an adolescent and an adult isn’t possible anymore. When things are revealed, the adult is put behind bars. I understand that the pedophile organization Martijn wants sex with adolescents from the age of twelve to become an offense prosecuted only in case of a complaint, just like it used to be, so that young people have a choice. I can’t see anything wrong with that.

I’m writing this letter because I find the hysteria about everything relating to pedophilia is getting intolerable. I am against child abuse and I don’t want to trivialize the suffering of victims in any way. But not every intimate contact with a youngster is abuse, as I know from personal experience.

Translation posted pending permission.