Cases in the Research

Below is a list of over 50 cases studied in the Consenting Juveniles research, presented in three columns, as follows:

  • Name. A single name, such as just “Jeff” or “Linda” is a pseudonym. Names with a last name are real names. A case with a pseudonym can only appear if the person’s identity has been verified.
  • ST. This stands for “source type” and can have either of two values:
    • S means SOLR interview, meaning the research has been conducted by direct communication with the subject, usually in a face-to-face interview recorded by audio or video, although in some cases it may be by correspondence if the identify of the person is verified.
    • P means published account, meaning an autobigraphy, broadcast interview, or other publically available record of the person talking about their personal experience.
  • Narrative. This is a first-hand account excerpted from the research materials. The listing below gives a one-line highlight from each narrative with a link to click on for the full account. Some of the narratives are quite short, while others are longer. Along with the narrative, each linked page also provides more information on the source, as well as case notes, which may provide the person’s background or other relevant information.

The listing is organized into categories, primarily by the gender combination of the relationships (e.g., a girl with an older male, etc.).




Girl with Older Male

AdrinaSHow old would I have been before I touched a penis?
AmberSIt was twisted around to make it look like he abused me.
BridgetSIt was the first time I felt like it was equal.
Heather CorinnaPMore respect, care and love than others my age.
Wanda CritesPWe’re looking after each other.
Clarissa Dickson WrightPI found it fascinating.
Hilde DillenPDifficult situations that wore me to shreds
Betty DodsonPA sweet memory that I cherish to this day
JenniferSHe gave up more for me than my parents ever did.
Nastassja KinskiPHe educated me.
LindaSHe is no more responsible for what happened than I am.
Nikki RodriguezPHe would pick flowers for me at the bus stop.
Lakeisha SayerPI wanted to feel what God feels.
Karin SpainkPI am damned sure that it was my decision.
Kate WinsletPKate Winslet and other Reader cast and director

Boy with Older Female

AndySI wasn’t that into it, but it felt good.
Roger BaldwinPShe knew I was ready for business.
BillSShe was teaching me how to, basically, love a woman.
Sean CombsPI needed to smell a woman, see a woman, walk past one.
Kirk DouglasPI helped take care of her until she died.
Vili FualaauPShe gave me something to live for.
Ike TurnerPAll I felt was a good hot feeling.

Boy with Older Male — Gay Boy

AzizPI guess I was lucky he wanted to have sex with me.
Augusten BurroughsPI, the 14-year-old, felt kind of thrilled.
Tom DribergPThe pleasure was mutual, the fault, if any, mine.
Stephen FryPWhat I felt I ought to feel was that I was abused.
HalSWe are still together after more than 25 years.
Guus HarmsPIt was my own choice and it felt great.
Guy HocquenghemPI can never say all that I owe to Samuel.
HongPHe liked it and I liked it, so I visited him often.
JasonSWe walked around, hand-in-hand, and fell in love.
JeffSHis house was like an oasis — a place where I could just be.
LarrySI actively pursued male lovers from the age of 7 or 8.
John MitzelPI would follow hot-looking men.
William PercyPI never got enough sex with an older man.
Kirk ReadPThe most mutual, consensual act in my life
Ivo van HovePIt would have been terrible if he’d been convicted.
Gjalt van OmmenPHe initiated me in the most loving way.

Boy with Older Male — Other

Chris BrandPThey amused me far more than the average geography teacher.
CurtisSIf anyone says this was ‘abuse,’ I think they’re an idiot.
David HemmingsPI loved him dearly. I absolutely adored him.
JoeSIf not for Stan, I’d be dead, in jail, or hooked on drugs.
Joachim LafossePHe let me believe I was better than others.
Martin SeligmanPI was heartbroken. He hadn’t even said good-bye.

Girl with Older Female

Beth KellyPI learned how it felt to feel real shame.

With Older Male and Female

CarolSI wouldn’t take any of those experiences back.
Dan SavagePI initiated the encounters and cherish their memory.

With Unknown Gender

Claudia CardPA happy experience


Judith LevinePThey helped me begin, sexually, to glow.
Scott O’HaraPI wanted to get laid. I needed personal contact.
David SteinbergPThere was a special energy about her.
David TullerPI yearned for the tender moments Hermie found.
Hans van ManenPAt eleven, I tried to seduce men at the carnival.

More to come

  • SOLR interviews: More than two dozen additional subjects to those shown above, including artist Don Bachardy, who has graciously waived anonymity
  • Published accounts: Scotty Bowers, Jordie Chandler, James Deen, David Douglass, Marcus Ewert, Pim Fortuyn, Vili Fualaau, Bob Geldof, Allen Ginsberg, Martin Goodkin, George Hamilton, Harry Hay, Janet Jackson, Mildred Jeter, Anthony Kiedis, Priscilla Presley, Maurits Reijnen, Fernando Rodriguez, Nathan Thrall, Benicio del Toro, Edmund White, and Franco Zeffirelli