Nikki Rodriguez Priscilla Presley Vili Fualaau
Nikki and Frank Rodriguez, Priscilla and Elvis Presley, Vili and Mary Kay Fualaau

SOL Research conducts research on sex laws and their effects on people and society. Since we started posting our research results online in 2007, we have occasionally been approached by people who complain tearfully of being identified as victims of sex crimes when they don’t agree. Amber said, “I really don’t think that what was done was fair. Things were twisted around to make it look like he abused me.” Jennifer pleaded, “Please tell me what to do. He was nothing more than my friend.”

Spurred by such inquiries, we launched a project to investigate cases and collect first-hand accounts of juveniles who enjoyed physical intimacy with someone older and hold it as a positive experience in their lives. Many times, the older partner was not prosecuted, but the legal threat was a heavy burden. Kirk Read wrote about how angry he felt “every time I saw a girl wearing her boyfriend’s class ring, knowing my friend could go to jail because of me.”

This website presents the preliminary results of this research, which is ongoing.

When a person is identified by a first and last name, that is his or her real name. When someone is identified only by a first name, that is a pseudonym.